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Remember The Knittery?

Weather: Cloudy with a chance of chocolate sprinkles.

Back when I began knitting seriously again, The Knittery was one of those gems. The Knittery had beautifully squishy yarn in amazing colours. The Knittery was Australian and there weren’t many Australian dyers then.

But then The Knittery closed.

Which meant I’ve been hording my Knittery yarn… much like my NeedleFood, actually. Okay, it’s not really hording, is it? It’s stashing. Stashing is okay.

However, the other night, I was thinking about starting Birch Dreaming Deep, which was at that stage still a Knitterati mystery pattern by Janel Laidman. I had a few more complicated patterns on the needles and wanted something easy on the mind. I walked by the wound up ball of Chubby Sock in “Daisy” that was hiding in a vintage ball minder. It had been there for a long, long while. I picked it up. It was very cosy (ie tight) in that vintage ball minder. I took it out. I popped it into a coconut. I began knitting with it.

Knittery Yarn to Knitterati

Wow, this yarn has serious drape. And pretty! This yarn is so pretty. I can’t believe I can’t get more of this yarn. I may quietly cry over that for a few minutes.

In happier news, I’ve been noticing lots of paleo salads in my Twitter feed. I’m not naming names. I can’t really do full paleo. My body likes its carbs. But it did spur me on to make more salads. I came up with one of my all time favourites last week and have been eating it shamelessly since.

Just a Mango Salad

It’s super easy and I did promise Mum the recipe. Though, as always, keep in mind that I very, very rarely measure anything. I inherited that habit from my grandmother, who was one of the world’s most amazing cooks and made strawberry ice cream to die for.

Salad part: A couple of handfuls of mixed leaves, a few leaves of sorrel if you have it, a small bunch of basil leaves, a chopped up mango, a sprinkling of pine nuts, a handful of crumbled fetta, a sprinkling of spring onions, a couple of slices of prosciutto crisped up in the pan. Toss together.

Dressing part: The juice and a little grated rind of one lime, a couple of tablespoons of macademia oil, several chopped mint leaves, crushed garlic clove, crushed salt and ground pepper.

It’s fantastic. Juicy and sweet and tropical. Which reminds me, I now have to go and take out the chocolate brownies. I made some for health reasons. Honest.