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Now, this wasn’t intentional…

Sometimes, things go wrong.

That wasn’t the plan

I thought I’d try out black bean dye. People have achieved beautiful blues with black beans. Actually, I haven’t seen black beans except in cans in Australia. I did a little googling and turtle beans seemed to be virtually the same thing.

Okay, the first half of this disaster, I didn’t check. I cooked the beans. Result? A kind of beige coloured yarn. I debated whether I could live with it. I decided I really couldn’t. I discovered my error and tried the dye again… yes, second half of the disaster. I shouldn’t have tried it on top of the earlier error. It just got worse. I mean, seriously, this is ugly yarn now. Although, you can see the potential blue there.

A blue that just didn’t happen when I did get the dye process right.

Turtle bean dye

It’s purple! Apparently when I get the dye right, I get purple. It’s pretty and there’s a hint of blue, but it’s not actual blue. I really wanted blue.

Still, I learned a valuable lesson. I should stop, check how people go about the dye process, and then try it out myself.