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The Road to Stars Hollow Scarf

The Road to Stars Hollow Scarf

The scarf pattern is now up on Ravelry and it’s all free! I’m so happy with it! I’ve been sketching, charting, and knitting like mad in my free time and now can snuggle up in Stars Hollow!

The scarf is knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills’ Stellar, which, with its blend of merino and bamboo, is beautifully smooth, silky and light. It’s the same yarn I’m using for my Geekalong 2014 blanket.

Of course I’m a Gilmore Girls fan (and heartbroken that the brilliant Bunheads only ran for a season). Quick, witty dialogue, great female relationships, sassy women, gratuitous pop culture references and the idyllic small town are all winners for me! I only wish I could eat as much as Lorelei and Rory do without putting on masses of weight!

I hope people enjoy the pattern. There’s just not enough knitting out there to honour Stars Hollow!


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