Always be Victorian bat girl

If you can be Victorian bat girl, always be Victorian bat girl!

If you can be Victorian bat girl, always be Victorian bat girl!

Isn’t this a wonderful image? I was trying to think of the ideal gift for a friend, a friend who gifted these to me for my birthday.

Incredibly Awesome Shoes

Incredibly Awesome Shoes

As I’m sure you agree, any friend who gifts you such shoes deserves a special birthday present. As I mentioned, I’ve been a little shy of gifting my knitting after a few bad experiences (seriously, how hard it is to simply say ‘thank you for taking so much time on my gift’ even if you don’t like it and your friend got it wrong). However, this friend appreciates my knitting and after I made her a special coat for her dog, I figured I was safe!

She’s Goth and she’s amazing. So I thought she was the ideal Victorian bat girl. When I spotted The Vampyre shawl by Justyna Lorkowska, I knew I could achieve a suitably amazing present. I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury to knit it up as it’s a little hardier and easier to care for, but still beautifully soft.

The pattern is incredible – what you can achieve with short rows!!! An easy, fun knit. When I pinned it out to block, I kept sneaking back into the lounge room to gaze at it!



And my friend loved it! At least, that’s the impression I received. I think she might have been slightly lost for words.

ALWAYS be bat girl

ALWAYS be bat girl

The Gilmore Girls scarf pattern is almost written up, so I’ll be back soon with that!


2 responses to “Always be Victorian bat girl

  1. Very fancy. I should knit more with black. Can wear with anything.

  2. Love the bat shawl, I have those wonderful shoes in grey, mine had a matching hand bag.

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