More Blanket, More Gifting

Would you please stop calling me that?

Would you please stop calling me that?

I know the official GAL2014 blanket has a Star Wars square, but it’s the Jedi symbol and I didn’t even really notice that there was a Jedi symbol. Does that make me a bad Star Wars fan? Because I do love Star Wars… or, more specifically, The Empire Strikes Back. I used to be able to quote Leia’s dialogue at length. I can still throw around a ‘you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder.‘ Leia is an amazing character. She’s a princess and a hero. The only reason she wasn’t trained to be a Jedi knight was that she was already completely brilliant. Her love affair with Han Solo is really rather wonderful too. So this square is in honour of her amazing hair and the snark that binds this couple together!

Watch out for murder!

Watch out for murder!

My blanket is absorbing many awesome female heroes. What would it be without Miss Marple and her knitting? I wasn’t sure that ball of yarn would work, but I think it passes muster! She should be able to solve a crime or two while knitting with it.

As always, I’ve uploaded the charts to my Ravelry project page.



I’m also taking my Gilmore Girls square up a notch. I tweaked the chart and I’m working it up into a double knit scarf, which I’ll write up into pattern shape when it’s done. All individual snowflakes there! There’ll be some other fun motifs coming up. There really isn’t a lot of Gilmore Girls knitting about, so I wanted to fix that. Our female-orientated geekery needs a bit more love.

Although, I’m going to slow down slightly, because I’ve got some present knitting to do! I’d stopped gifting knitting for a few years. Without going into the detail, let’s just say I had a couple of recipients who soured my enthusiasm. I’m still not sure why it’s so difficult to just say “I appreciate all the time you put into this,” even if one doesn’t like the finished product. One doesn’t really need to write a dissertation on why it’s awful and one would never wear it. However, I do have a few friends now who appreciate knitting and handmade gifts, so I’m going to knit up some woolly birthday presents. It’ll be nice to gift knitting again!


2 responses to “More Blanket, More Gifting

  1. I really need to learn how to knit squares like that. I’m loving your blanket. (have ai told you I know Finn from GG, he’s a freediver too?)

    And I can’t *wait* until you get my pressie. It should be there soon.

  2. Did someone really tell you your knitted gift was awful etc? That is so rude. And definitely not knit worthy.

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