Geekalong Blanket Adventures

Looking more like a blanket every day!

Looking more like a blanket every day!

Look at that! That’s starting to look substantially blankety!

To boldly go into the pink

To boldly go into the pink

I added the ‘official’ Star Trek square. There’s an error. You can spot it, you know you can! I, however, will claim it is simply a star. Quite why there’s only the one star in all of space, I’m not sure, but it’s a star!

I was never really a Trekker. Apart from the tribble episodes – which I adored – I really just watched on, bemused, as my friends grew obsessed with Vulcans and androids and such. I do remember going to the movies to see the Star Trek film where Chekov is running around San Francisco asking about the ‘nuclear wessels.’ I watched it again recently and had never noticed how nattily Sulu is attired in those later films. Or how their references have aged so hilariously. However, I caught Voyager and found my Star Trek! I wish we’d gotten to see more of Captain Janeway.

Sexy dodo

Sexy dodo

I went off-script again, though! I updated my Facebook status to say I was knitting sexy dodo legs and planting mangelwurzels and one of my friends noted that she didn’t think anyone else had ever written that sentence before!

The sexy dodo is, of course, homage to Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series. Pickwick isn’t actually sexy, to be honest, but a little license here and there is okay. I love the Thursday Next books, which are funny, clever and all about loving books. Thursday is herself a fantastic hero and she has a pet dodo, Pickwick. My blanket needed some Thursday Next love.

(You can find the charts I made for my off-script squares on my Ravelry project pages – gidgetknits – with links to the official geekalong and its charity!)


One response to “Geekalong Blanket Adventures

  1. WOW. I love! This blanket!! I really want to make one now

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