Making Mighty Ripples

There’s a line in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man: ““No one is actually dead  until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”

Sir Terry Pratchett caused the most amazing, incredible, wonderful ripples riding atop his Discworld! I don’t think he will ever be ‘actually dead,’ but we’re going to miss him. I think every new human being could be issued with a Discworld novel just to help them on their way. It’s a crazy, unfair, screwed up, splendid planet – Sir Terry Pratchett had a way of helping us to not care about what wasn’t important and to care about what was. That’s a pretty outstanding gift to humanity.

So last night, I watched as Neil Gaiman remembered Sir Terry and I cast off my ripply, wonderful Dahlia Blanket in Knitsch‘s “Tangerine” DK and I thought about Sir Terry and was glad I could knit him into this blanket. It now holds warm fuzzy memories of the creator of the Discworld. I never met him. I saw him speak just once. But he’s like a friend. I think he was a friend to all of us. He reached out with his funny, angry little voice and reminded us of how to live.

Making tangerine ripples

Making tangerine ripples

So, Sir Terry, thank you.

Dahlia Blanket

Dahlia Blanket

And isn’t the blanket the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?  At every step of this project, I’ve thought ‘wow, this is just gorgeous.’ There’s nothing like a project such as this to remind you why you love knitting!

Dahlia Blanket - angled shot

Dahlia Blanket – angled shot

I have to confess, towards the end, those rows of increasing moss stitch pebbliness were beginning to try my patience.

Pebbly ripples

Pebbly ripples

But I knew it would be worth it. The Scot is pleased that I’m finished.

The Scot: "Okay, I'm just going to have a nap now. Tell me when you've finished."

The Scot: “Okay, I’m just going to have a nap now. Tell me when you’ve finished.”

But I think I’m going to miss this project. Oh well, I have plenty of other projects to keep the fingers busy!

And I’ve been making zucchini based pizzas – this one with watercress pesto, tomato and haloumi. I just loved how this turned out. The tomatoes and zucchinis were grown in my garden. So to finish with, I think I’ll just say that this pizza is my salute to the Discworld!




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