The third and final Italian-inspired pattern is live. There ends the trilogy!

And what better way to end? I love Verona with all my heart. It’s the most magical place, packed in with history. It is also an ode to a love affair that was written by an English playwright for a London stage. You can wander the city, visiting Romeo’s house (above) and Juliet’s house (below) and Juliet’s tomb… or, as my mother did, you can walk by these attractions loudly wondering, ‘why are all these people here when it was all made up?’

Yet, people flock to visit Juliet. While Romeo’s house is a little trickier to find, you can easily locate Juliet’s house, because it is crammed with people.

Juliet's House

Juliet’s House

I took the above shot very early in the morning, just after opening, because I knew the place would shortly be inaccessible. By midday, you can’t walk down the street outside without pushing through the throng.

Who knows why we all pay our respects to Juliet and tell her our troubles? Does it matter that she probably never existed? As far as I’m concerned, I think she does exist just by virtue of our belief in her. That’s not a bad thing, although I can imagine it gives Shakespeare a good chuckle wherever he is in the stardust.

Coming up with a sock to do justice to Verona, I couldn’t go by the tragic love story. Knitsch’s “The Mad Blood Stirreth” was also far too perfect. So, this is my design of twisted stitch hearts and mock cables. This is my attempt to elevate the sock to new and tragic heights!

Overlooking Juliet's Balcony

Overlooking Juliet’s Balcony

I may have been running around Juliet’s house taking sock photos when the security guards weren’t looking!

On Juliet's Balcony

On Juliet’s Balcony

I wasn’t quite brave enough to model the socks myself, I have to admit.

By Juliet's Bed

By Juliet’s Bed

But it was somehow wonderful to be at Juliet’s house with my sock! Maybe if she’s had a good pair of socks, the whole thing with Romeo wouldn’t have been quite so desperate.


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