Let’s talk faster and more…

Blanket Progress

Blanket Progress

As my Mum noted, these squares seriously need some blocking/pressing, but that will just have to wait. In the meantime, I’ve added a couple more squares. An ‘official’ GAL 2014 square for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and one of my own interlopers. How could I have a geeky blanket without a Gilmore Girls reference?

The last few weeks have been a little harried and this blanket introduced a much needed dose of sanity. I was back at work last week and that is just unbelievable at the moment! I’m already working overtime and it’s supposed to be our ‘quiet time.’ Then the Scot developed two new lumps – you’ve never seen anyone look so relieved to discover an infection! And that was just the vet looking relieved. The infection’s all cleared up now and tomorrow I’m taking the Scot in to have his stitches AND the evil cone of shame removed. There may be jigging and jiving afterward. Possibly some slipper-stealing.

Back to blanket business, I’m so pleased with how the Luke’s Diner-inspired square turned out.

Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Coffee Coffee Coffee!

There wasn’t any question of it being anything but coffee-inspired (there is a caffeine molecule ‘official’ square) and I think I’m hitting my stride with double knitting and designing the colour work. I’m doing it by hand using my Knitter’s Graph Paper Journal and then popping the design up on StitchMastery. The graph paper is a dream – a knitted stitch isn’t perfectly square. The proportions of my Labyrinth square are slightly out because I designed it directly on StitchMastery. Taking the extra step to sketch it out on specially-designed knitting graph paper is totally worth it.

And in the meantime, I’ve been catching up on the Gilmore Girls twin, Bunheads, which is absolutely amazing and I’m beyond despairing that it was cancelled. Seriously, it’s witty, full of great female characters – and dance!! I was in stitches over the possum scene this morning. I just can’t get enough of the screwball-comedy-inspired-fast-talking of Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s heroines. We need more smart television.


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