Want to knit up some socks that pay homage to that greatest of all foodstuffs, gelati? You can now just hop over to Ravelry for a pattern to do just that!

I knitted these as part of my Italian trio of patterns (Como is out already). Here’s the first test sock at my favourite gelati shop in Prato, just outside Florence.

Mmmmm... pistachio!

Mmmmm… pistachio!

When I was thinking of designing a trio of Italian-inspired patterns, I couldn’t not include one for gelati and above you can see the pistachio gelato that I still have dreams about! I wanted the socks to steer clear of ‘candy’ shades and Socks That Rock has the loveliest pistachio colourway perfect for my ode to gelati.

Although, while I was in Italy last year, I may have cheated on pistachio with this peach, but oh, it was so so so so good.

Anyone for something peachy?

Anyone for something peachy?

Here’s how I describe my sock:

Gelato is just about my favourite thing in Italy. Beware of ‘tourist’ gelati, though, particularly the kind displayed in gigantic mounds. You want the good stuff and that means you should check the pistachio. If it’s dull green, that’s a good sign. If it’s bright green, that’s a bad sign. These socks are my ode to pistachio gelato.

The socks are knitted toe up, starting with an impression of three scoops. On the leg you have a delicious, baroque round of gelato cones, some with cherries on top. Be careful, though! They’re starting to drip in a simple pattern of eyelets down the leg.

Three scoops!

Three scoops!

That’s right, there’s three scoops at the toe! I’ve had people insist that two scoops is the max, but if you’re very canny, you can choose the right three flavours to go together (I recommend Stracciatella, dark chocolate and pistachio).

Hope you’ll enjoy this gelati treat!


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