Blanket Fort Update

Blooming 'Dahlia'

Blooming ‘Dahlia’

The blankets are growing! The Dahlia Blanket in Knitsch ‘Tangerine’ DK continues to be incredibly beautiful. She’s on a longer cable now and I’m on to the final row of petals. Of course, these are the BIG petals. I might be petalling for a while.

Granny Square Multiplication

Granny Square Multiplication

I’m continuing to produce granny squares. I think the two rows of white around each square should do the trick?

Geeking Along

Geeking Along

And I’m super pleased with how the colour scheme for the Geekalong Blanket is going. Notice the pink TARDIS? I might just be saying something about my views on a female Doctor there! After all, Doctor Donna is my favourite companion. However, that aside, I hope Capaldi stays for a good long while. Bring on the Christmas episode!

You’d think I’d be blanketeded out, wouldn’t you? But no. Tash would update The Holland Road Yarn Company’s Facebook page with this blanket. I’m in love. I’m searching for just the right greys!

I do plan in the next few weeks to release a few backlogged patterns. I’m just winding up work and then I have some time to catch up!


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