Me: "It's not edible!"  The Scot: "It looks edible to me." Me: "Everything looks edible to you."

Me: “It’s not edible!”
The Scot: “It looks edible to me.”
Me: “Everything looks edible to you.”

A few years ago, I asked Mum to teach me to crochet. We spent a day creating a little owl. I was going to take a very cute photo of the owl, but The Scot got interested…

Fast forward to now. I took the beginner’s crochet class at KAN and hatched a plan to crochet a rainbow blanket. Only, I didn’t yet know how to crochet even a granny square. I did, however, have to make a quick trip home to see an irascible grandfather in hospital, and while Mum and I sat in his room, she took me through the simple granny square.

And I may now be slightly addicted to crochet.

A Granny Square!

A Granny Square!

I’ve always loved the concept of the granny square – embracing my inner granny and all.

You can never have too much colour

You can never have too much colour

A friend noted that I seem to have coordinated my crochet with my fruit tingles. Oh yes! It’s a great way to use those crazy skeins of sock yarn. I plan to use a few coordinating skeins and crochet around each square in white. It should look pretty as a blanket.

I’ve also been working on the Doctor Who sampler.

Appearing TARDIS

Appearing TARDIS

I’ve started on the TARDIS! I’m just figuring out if I can tweak the design slightly to include something from 12. Something about pudding brains… and a little Mary Poppins, because we always knew the truth about her.


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