I Went to Como… (but I didn’t marry George)

I was doing some ‘secret knitting’ earlier this year. Tash asked if I’d like to contribute a design to her last yarn club, “The Jewel Thief.” Now, I actually had a fairy tale salon, two conference papers, end of semester marking, a trip to teach fairy tales in Italy… so, naturally, I said yes. Because it’s Tash. Because I was really honoured. Because it meant I could get my greedy little hands on more Knitsch. Because I already had an idea.

We’re about to put the pattern on Ravelry, but I thought I’d give you a quick preview! And an idea of how the shawl came to be.

I had a brilliantly insane plan of bringing out a trio of designs inspired by Italy. I’ve already given sneak peeks of the sock designs on Twitter and Instagram and they’ll be out soon, but I was also mulling over a design for a shawl inspired by Lake Como. When Tash offered me green-blue yarn for my design, I snapped it up! It was serendipity!

The timetable meant that I started knitting here in Australia and then it was a race with the needles to finish the shawl by the time I reached Lake Como. Fortunately, there was also a 20+ hour plane trip.

Chocolate helps knitting - FACT

Chocolate helps knitting – FACT

We arrived in Zurich, ready to spend a few relaxing days with friends. I took the opportunity to laze about my friends’ flat, knitting and eating. It was lovely.

Shawl on the move #1

Shawl on the move #1

I was able to do some finishing touches on the train journey to Lake Como.

Shawl on the move #2

Shawl on the move #2

All done! We arrived in Lake Como. Lake Como is amazing. It’s glamorous! It’s like a postcard!

Not our boat.

Not our boat.

We couldn’t believe we were actually there. I couldn’t believe that the colours of Lake Como were actually captured in my Knitsch yarn!

The colours of Lake Como

The colours of Lake Como

So, here are a couple of shots of the shawl. Not complete shots, but something to give you a sense of the design and how it’s been inspired!

Como at Lake Como

Como at Lake Como

I called the shawl “Como.” It’s been nicknamed George. There were too many American tourists asking about George at Lake Como. Mum said it was tacky. So I called the shawl Como, instead. Although I did chuckle that it was released to the club pretty much on the weekend of George Clooney’s wedding!

Como at Lake Como, take two

Como at Lake Como, take two

I hope people have liked it. I hope people will like it.


One response to “I Went to Como… (but I didn’t marry George)

  1. I love it. It is in my queue, and it it *perfect* on so many levels.

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