Meet You Up on Happy Street

3 balls of awesome yarn later...

3 balls of awesome yarn later…

Sometimes, a girl just wants to be on Happy Street. And here she is! This is a DK version of Veera Välimäki’s “Happy Street” in Madelinetosh Tosh DK (Smokestack, Robin’s Egg and the indubitable and amazing Pop Rocks).

It actually works out about the same size as its fingering weight cousins, but with three stripes of each contrasting colour rather than five. The stripes are a little chunkier, but I kind of like that. They remind me of lines of highlighter across a grey page!

Colour pops

Colour pops

And the shawl is so, so squishy. It’s a curling up on the couch shawl. I think I’m being won over to the DK weight shawl. It’s so practical! It’s a little weightier on your shoulders and a little cosier. The drape is glorious.

I will admit that I played a little yarn chicken at the end.

The last yarn

The last yarn

I also cast off a little earlier than the pattern indicates, but the final border of grey still works in terms of proportions. There’s small balls of blue and pink left, too.

Cast-off curl

Cast-off curl

I love this shawl. It’s everything I wanted it to be. Much like the 12th Doctor, really. “Flatline” tonight!


2 responses to “Meet You Up on Happy Street

  1. Such a great colour combo! Love it!

  2. ooooh! Purdy! The pop rocks does work (yes, I admit it). 😀

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