An Evening Sewing with Mrs Higgins

Mrs Higgins, my 1950s sewing machine, was busy last night. After a day grading and revising, I thought I needed a change of pace. Plus, RoseRed had made a suggestion that I couldn’t resist turning into a reality.

"Look at the eyebrows! These are attack eyebrows!"

“Look at the eyebrows! These are attack eyebrows!”

Seriously, The Scot has found his Doctor! Look at their eyebrows. I actually would have gotten a proper grumpy shot of the Scot in his new coat, but I was holding a yoghurt dud to convince him to pose! When he looks grumpy, he has such a 12th Doctor look about him! I suppose it’s natural. They are both Scottish!

I also did some sewing for myself. Something to hide behind in case this week’s “The Caretaker” is scary.

Meet me behind the cushion.

Meet me behind the cushion.

I really am loving this series. I love every line where the Doctor comments on Clara’s appearance. I love the dynamic between Clara and Danny Pink (I love Coupling, so that’s not really surprising). I love the Doctor’s glee and his witticisms.

Although, I’ve also been catching up on Fortysomething, and seriously, you have to listen to Peter Capaldi do the Beatles! And the hand gesturing had me in stitches since it’s such a part of his Doctor! Plus Benedict Cumberbatch is in it – so there is a sort of pre-Sherlock/Doctor Who cross over.


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