All kinds of balls

I might just have watched the latest Doctor Who episode, “Listen,” for the third time this week. That’s totally not over the top, right? (By the way, I’ve begun to suspect that it’s a Sontaran sitting on Rupert’s bed.)

I may have become a 12th Doctor kind of woman, possibly from the moment his attack eyebrows appeared in “The Day of the Doctor.” It was definitely confirmed with ‘Door. Boring. Not me’ (“Deep Breath”). And as someone who got into Doctor Who at “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” with the 3rd Doctor, the Doctor standing in a nightshirt, on a rooftop in Victorian London, yelling ‘Oy! Oy! Big, sexy woman!’ to a dinosaur… yeah, well, I’m sold.

Before I left for New Zealand a few days after “Deep Breath,” I’d already changed my desktop…

(I might also like Danny Pink)

(I might also like Danny Pink)

Speaking of that, I did get Pop Rocks in New Zealand! Along with some Robin’s Egg Blue and Smokestack. I might have been swayed by the amazing woman behind Holland Road Yarn Company who suggested the colour combination on Twitter. When I was in the Wellington shop, they followed me home.



Oh wow that Madeleine Tosh DK is squishy! I now understand why everyone talks about it in hushed tones. And why certain people I know pet it.

I’m seeing if I can make a Happy Street Shawl work in DK. So far, so good.

Soothing rows of garter stitch

Soothing rows of garter stitch

Right at the moment, the Scot is playing with one of his own balls. It’s a plastic ball that makes a lot of noise as it bounces off walls and furniture and occasionally the power switch for the computer…

But he’s crazy about balls. I love this photo of him that I took while we were playing soccer in the back yard. It may seem weird, because I basically cut most of him off as I tried to juggle the camera… but look at that smile!



Incidentally, while watching this season of Doctor Who, the sampler grows.

I stitched a sonic screwdriver

I stitched a sonic screwdriver


2 responses to “All kinds of balls

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s madly in love with Peter Capaldi…love the photo of your Scotty too! They are truly gorgeous dogs:)

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