Making a Sweater

I’m going to knit another sweater. A simple, classic sweater that will replace all the cream sweaters I threw out a while ago.

Future Mudblood

Future Mudblood

It’s going to be in Bendigo Woollen Mills, which is good for a simple, workaday sweater. It’s going to be the Mudblood Caridgan from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, because I like a good buttoned cardigan. I am planning to add elbow patches in some fancy yarn, though.

One day I plan to knit another sweater in more expensive, exquisite yarn, but frankly, at the moment I’m still having issues with body shape. Once I get that sorted, I’ll invest in the yarn without trepidation.

I’m not obsessing over my weight, though. I loved this article by Rachel Grate, in which she asks: “What if working out wasn’t the prerequisite for the reward—whether it’s food, weight, or “beauty”—but was the reward in itself?” Then I saw a great tumblr post featuring Captain America, which made me laugh. It affirmed my approach, though. I’m doing spin class, I do the odd cardio workout, I hoop, I roller skate, I play with the Scot and I eat moderately, occasionally fueling my body with gelati! It’s all good and if I’m still a bit out of synch, I at least know I’m on the right path to feeling more my old self.


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