Travelling socks

I almost always have a pair of plain vanilla socks to knit while out and about. The kind of vanilla socks made from fantastically pretty yarn that you can knit without too much thought and, hey, if the ball of yarn bounces down the bus aisle, it’s not the end of the world.

I just finished another pair knit from Knitsch Sock in “Filibuster.” The socks have been doing some travelling. The first sock had a rather sedate life on the bus to and from work, with the odd meeting thrown in.

The second sock has a leg that was mostly knit during a fairy tale event in Sydney (go figure – that’s my life), with the foot mostly knit while watching Maleficent. I was prepared to hate Maleficent. Hate might be too strong a word, but I didn’t like it. Especially because this Maleficent made me mess up in the dark theatre and I ended up with a few wonky stitches. I can’t wait to go to a lights up event!

Maleficent's fault

Maleficent’s fault

I also got quite a bit of popcorn in the sock, but that’s another story. Why didn’t I like Maleficent? Well, for a start, I’m always dubious about films that make the villain sympathetic. Maleficent in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is a scene-chewing, malicious, snarky villain of the first order. She has her name for a reason. There’s the odd glimpse of her in Maleficent, but she’s also a woman wronged by the man she loves and I could almost hear the country and western songs being written for her… oh geez. Not to mention what they did to my favourite fairy godmothers! It’s no wonder some stitches went wonky.

Now I’ve got the ‘flu (which, come to think of it, I should also blame her for) and I couldn’t manage much more than some simple knitting and the making of chicken soup today. So I finished the second sock.

The Scot: Just a minute, what's going on?

The Scot: Just a minute, what’s going on?

There’s a special satisfaction in a utilitarian pair of socks. They’re cosy, efficient, pretty…

The Scot: Oh, actually, yes, this might feel good...

The Scot: Oh, actually, yes, this might feel good…

On a chilly afternoon, when you’re all snuffles and sniffles, they’re just about the best thing ever.

The Scot: Oooooh, oh yes! That's the spot! Just massage me right there! Oh yes!

The Scot: Oooooh, oh yes! That’s the spot! Just massage me right there! Oh yes!

I think I’ll go and put pjs on now and make a toasted cheese sandwich for dinner. I have no idea what the Scot is doing…


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