Need to post a letter? I have owls!

One little owl peeping out

One little owl peeping out

I finished my Luna Cardigan (aka Ginny’s Cardigan)! It’s knit with Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury in ‘Ghost,’ which I think is far more appropriate for a Ravenclaw sweater, keeping in mind the Grey Lady. Besides, Luna is my favourite Harry Potter character along with Neville, Sirius and Hagrid. She’s a wonder. Kooky, yes, but loyal, clever and unbelievably brave. Her placid response to bullying, her quiet wisdom about death… who wouldn’t love to have Luna as a friend? Luna, this cardigan is knit in your honour!

I bought some big vintage buttons and I think the plain buttons, slightly concave, look like moons. Again, very apt for Luna!

All the owls!

All the owls!

This is my favourite knitted sweater yet! It has a wonderful, quasi ‘boyfriend sweater’ shape and while I could have perhaps knitted it a size smaller, it’s comfy as is. I’m particularly in love with bust shaping! I’ve never incorporated bust shaping before and those short rows are a marvel! It buttons up easily, but doesn’t have all that extra bulk around the midsection that I seriously don’t need.

Accio owls!

Accio owls!

All in all, this is a total success! I am celebrating tonight with a tasty osso bucco liberally seasoned with white wine.


One response to “Need to post a letter? I have owls!

  1. It is so lovely. I wish I’d taken steps to acquire the Harry Potter knits magazine.

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