In Progress

So, I have a bad case of writer’s block today. Or, to be specific, ‘writing academic things’ block. Oh, I can still write a pithy Twitter update (I just observed that the current top search on this blog is “david tennant eyebrow raise”) or email a friend or write a blog post. But writing academic things? I find myself staring at the screen and wondering if it’s too soon to make another cup of tea (by the way, it is, because I’m still waiting for the last one to cool).

As a result, I thought I’d check in. I’ve something fun to show you hopefully this weekend, but in the meantime…

Bus Sock

Bus Sock

Just the one sock! It’s knit up in Knitsch Filibuster. I like to keep a plain sock in my satchel for bus trips. One day, my ball of Filibuster went bouncing down the bus aisle. Another day, one of the needles rolled away under someone else’s seat. However, for all its adventures, the first of the pair is knit and I rather like the way the stripe went a little kooky over the toe. I also gave it my slanty-heel. The photo is very bad, but I actually like the effect of being slightly out of focus on the colour and the reflection. What can I say? I like happy, messy accidents!

Reflections of Heel

Reflections of Heel

I’m also just decreasing the yoke on my Luna cardigan.

Luna WIP

Luna WIP

It’s been a relatively stress free knit. I like curling up with the cardigan and the Scot on cold nights. He’s taken to sitting beside me on the couch. This was never a ‘thing’ with him before. He previously eyed my presence as an invasion of his important lounging space. Now he tolerates me as long as I don’t keep trying to pat him.

Oh, and I’m booked to go to KAN! A certain someone basically hounded me into it, because it means we can hang out and I can ransack HRYC in person. I also get to meet a lot of people I follow on Twitter, so it will feel much less strange when I tweet them in future!

Anyway, I finished that cup of tea. I think there’s enough in the leaves for another cup…


3 responses to “In Progress

  1. mwahahahahahahahaha.

    Oh gods. What have I done. There will be no yarn left for me…

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