Last night, I was watching Sherlock. It was the wedding episode. In preparing for a night curled up in my armchair with my knitting – as you do – I had a thought.

I like Watson. Watson in his funny old cardigans and jumpers. I’d also become aware of the “Martin Freeman looks like a hedgehog” meme. I love hedgehogs. They’re adorable!

During the day, I happened upon the Purl Bee hedgehog pattern.

A-ha! Serendipity!

So last night, while watching Watson’s wedding, I knitted myself a Watson.

Watson (Number One)

Watson (Number One)

Because that made sense.

Watson (Number Two)

Watson (Number Two)

Of course, the Scot thinks he’s Sherlock.

Sherlock and Watson

Sherlock and Watson



3 responses to “Watson

  1. That last picture is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a longtime. Your Scot knows he is one good looking dog. 🙂

  2. Hahhahahaha amazing! 🙂

  3. that is the entirely correct place for a watson. very cute 🙂

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