I’m knitting a sock

The board of mood

Mood Board

I’m knitting a sock. It’s the new design. I know you usually do a mood board as you’re designing, rather than half way through, but I don’t really want to show the sock yet. So I thought I’d have a little fun and put together a mood board for it and show you that! Okay, procrastination may be involved, too!

In honour of Luna

In honour of Luna

I also started to knit a sweater for fun. The moment I saw The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, I knew I had to knit the cover sweater, which, though technically “Ginny’s Cardigan“, I think of in connection to my favourite, Luna. The soft, light grey of Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury ‘Ghost’ has always delighted me and this seems a good match – a little nod to owls and to Ravenclaw’s Grey Lady. I don’t usually wear grey, but I like the brightness of this shade. It’s a nice, simple style with pockets and the shoulders should be flattering.

Okay, time for another coffee before I return to work!


2 responses to “I’m knitting a sock

  1. You know, when I saw the pic of your new cardi on twitter, I thought it was lavender! I love that Ghost colour.

  2. Hooray for Luna. Love the colour.

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