Bye bye 2013

Bit of a scramble work-wise to meet the end of 2013, but here we are! And I can share another sock design! It came out recently as the last installment of Knitsch Yarns’ ‘Better than Toast’ yarn club. My first yarn club design!! I couldn’t believe Tash trusted me to design something wonderful for her. I did, however, already have an idea to play with, so off to work I went and managed to pretty much turn around the design in a month.

I’ve held off sharing the design – spoilers! But I’m pretty sure everyone has their pattern now and Tash gave the nod… and just yesterday, for the very first time, our pink lilies popped up, so that seemed serendipitous.

The pink lily

The pink lily

Caterpillars did eat the lilies… but here are the socks they inspired.

The Deco Lilies

The Deco Lilies

This is a quick shot of the socks – in bad lighting, oops – before they went to New Zealand for proper photography! The design is “Deco Lillies“. Tash dyed the prettiest pinky-yellow yarn especially for it. It is amazingly exciting to have someone dye yarn just for your design! Kind of thrilling, actually!

I did do a ‘prototype’ design in Knitsch Yarns and a dark jewel tone also works well, I think.

The dark side of the lilies

The dark side of the lilies

The prototype still had the messy middle row of purls  and unfinished leaves on the toe, but I love the way the leaf business there works!

Leafy toes!

Leafy toes!

I am working on my next design and it’s looking quite promising! But I did my wrist in the other day, so I’m off knitting today.

Christmas was a joy. The Scot received his presents – mostly balls…

It's a new ball!

It’s a new ball!

But he also got a new lead – isn’t it adorable?

The Scot: "I *know* these aren't real sausages, you know."

The Scot: “I *know* these aren’t real sausages, you know.”

We made an alternative to traditional Christmas pudding – a Nesselrode. The dried cherries all went to the bottom of the mould and then melted a bit… but it was so creamy and delicious and filled with chestnuts! (And not being able to have gluten, dairy or chocolate now, I’m a bit of a challenge when it comes to dessert!)

Victorian pudding/jelly

Victorian pudding/jelly

And I gave Mum and Papa their little quilt. I think they were pleased. The fabrics represent their interests and although it’s pretty simple in terms of patchwork, that does suit the fabric designs. The whole is quilted in musical notes (Papa is a musician).

Fashion and Music Quilt

Fashion and Music Quilt

Phew. I think I’m all tired out now and looking forward to 2014! (Especially Peter Capaldi’s Doctor! Oh August, why are you so far away?)




6 responses to “Bye bye 2013

  1. you are really turning into quite the sock designer arent you?! these are just lovely, and such gorgeous and perfect colour yarn. i love the quilt, im sure the parentals loved it too, so thoughtful! happy 2014.

  2. Yay you and the WD and Mrs Higgins! The pattern is fantabulous, and I love my little quilt too. And my apron. I’m so stoked you remembered. 🙂 Have an awesome 2014 and more adventures.

  3. Ha ha, a sausage lead! You tease!

    Lovely sock pattern – simple but with lovey details (I love a detailed toe!)

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