Knitty, Winter 2013

Knitty, Winter 2013

I might be walking around the house singing “I’m in Knitty, I’m in Knitty!” This might be vexing the Scot a little. But…

I’m in Knitty!

If you know me, you know I hate keeping secrets. This was a big secret for me! Then, of course, Knitty would go live at 3am my time… yes, I slept through it all and even slept through my alarm. Oops. It was a long day yesterday! But Roses is now up on Ravelry.

I really hope people like it!

It also has a secret Doctor Who link, which I can now tell you about. See, Tash, who produces the most gorgeous sock yarn, Knitsch, had a Doctor Who yarn club. One of the colourways was the 9th Rose. I was determined to make something special from it, because the colour is glorious. I had also been mulling over whether one could really knit a rose motif into a sock design. So…

Planting roses

Planting roses

(I can also now include a couple of ‘outtakes’ from the photo shoot!)

One night, the possible mechanics of a ‘deco rose’ motif struck me. The sock was born!

Shelley came for a visit then and she looked at the sock and said what I’d been thinking, “you should submit it to Knitty.” So I’ve been keeping it secret ever since.

And now, here I am!

The Iced Grass Shoot

The Iced Grass Shoot

I have a design in Knitty… wow.

Tank shot

Tank shot

I’m now a bit nervous and excited! I may also need more coffee… I’ve barely woken up yet. So I shall do a proper, considered post later!

For now… hey, look, I’m in Knitty!!!


8 responses to “Roses

  1. Yay!!!! Everybody loves a good Knitty sock and yours looks lovely. I already have it printed out! 🙂 Congrats!

  2. teeeheeheee. So glad I bugged you about that. It is a beautiful sock. 🙂

  3. yay you!! its so clever, and i cant believe you didnt spill. i love the whole concept of it and i will now have to buy special themed yarn to match. i am in envy of your shoe collection as well 🙂

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  5. So good! You clever clogs famous designer lady!

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