6:50am (minor, minor spoilers sweetie)

I’m a Doctor Who fan – of course I got up at 6:50am this morning to watch “The Day of the Doctor.” Well, actually, I was up at 6:20am, because I wanted to make pancakes beforehand.

Wow. I dare not say too much since people are still catching up with it, but… wow. At one point, I came back down to earth to discover that I was perched rather precariously on the edge of my seat. I also watched the last 15 or so minutes through a little water in my eyes. Thank you Steven Moffat!!!! You lived up to every hope! And now I can’t wait for the new season!

Actually, I think Moffat has been reading my  mind. Not only does he have the 8th Doctor asking for knitting, but you know my sock design that I swore I’d get out today? Yeah… if you’ve seen the episode, you know what I’m talking about.

That's right, I was wearing odd socks!

That’s right, I was wearing odd socks!

I was out this morning photographing them, but the weather isn’t helping. Still, I got some relatively decent shots for the pattern itself! And “The Round Things” is up on Ravelry now!



I may also have gotten a little silly?

Bow-ties are cool!

Bow-ties are cool!

I still have another brown sock to knit, but it just felt so right to put it out there today, that I couldn’t not put it out. Again, if you’ve seen the episode, you know what I mean. (No, it’s not a HUGE spoiler… it’s the most minor of spoilers… but people get funny about these things…)

The blue sock, appropriately enough, is Knitsch Sock in “Idris” and the brown sock is Sokkusu in “Gingy’s Christmas Cottage,” which just happens to mimic the Doctor’s grunge phase.

I sort of pinched the round things from a popular, old stitch pattern for shawls, adapting it to the socks. It works, I think! The sock also has my diagonally ribbed heel, which I love knitting up. It also has bow-ties. Naturally.

I’ve already watched part of the episode again on iView and tonight will be back in front of the TV to watch it all over again! Wow! What an episode.

Incidentally, the Scot got a new collar in honour of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. His 10th Doctor harness is a little worn, but he still looks gorgeous!

Doctor ready and waiting to run!

Doctor ready and waiting to run!

I reckon he thinks he is the Doctor. Who knows? No one said the Doctor can’t regenerate into canine form. Imagine rubbing his tummy… oh, okay, maybe not…?

His collar comes from Funky Mutt, with the clasp engraved with his details. The other week, I found a lost dog and the little guy didn’t have a collar, a tag, nor, it turns out, a microchip. Although we did our very best to find his home, we finally had to take him to the vet and after 24 hours they had to send him to the council. The owners did eventually find him, from what we’ve heard, but it really brought home to me the importance of making sure these little guys always have ID on them. And since the Scot is very naughty about losing his ID tag, having his collar engraved works a treat. He’s also microchipped, of course, but from experience, it’s so much easier if there’s an address or phone number if you happen to be the one who finds a runaway.


3 responses to “6:50am (minor, minor spoilers sweetie)

  1. Look at you, a designer! Very cool!
    I did NOT get up at 6.50am or any time before that! I did tape it though, and also caught the end (I LOVE spoilers!), and will watch the whole episode at some point. When I get an uninterrupted hour and a bit.

  2. its so funny, i woke up at FIVE fifty and thought, oh no wrong time, so i went back to sleep and then slept till 7, so i missed the first 10 minutes. Doh! at least i can watch it again tonight. i did think it was really very good though, and i actually found myself thinking what a good Dr Matt Smith had been, i’m a David Tennant preferrer usually. im so glad you had appropriate footwear on hand, and you really are very clever designing socks, that requires math type skills doesnt it?!

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