Bring me knitting

The 8th Doctor tells you to bring him knitting, you don’t refuse.

Hello Sexy

Hello Sexy

Seriously, did you see the mini-episode? I might just have been over the moon!!!

I may also have had a thought. I’m buried in deadlines, but remember these socks? My eye happened to fall on some Socktopus in “Gingy’s Christmas Cottage” that I had lying about and ’tis the season! Aren’t the colours sort of perfect? So, I started knitting in between all the deadlines and I think I might be able to get the pattern sorted in time for the 50th anniversary! Fingers crossed!

I may also have to start investing in 8th Doctor audio adventures. Last night I was doing some Christmas present quilting and the only problem with quilting – you can’t really watch TV while you work. You can listen, however.  Last night I had a ball listening to The Thrilling Adventure Hour with Nathan Fillion. So I think a little 8th Doctor might help the process along further!


2 responses to “Bring me knitting

  1. i am very much looking forward to sunday. i might even get up early and then watch it twice! WITH KNITTING!! i might drag out some socks as well and we can have a virtual Dr sock KAL 🙂

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