The web of our life is of a mingled yarn

My heart unto yours is knit

My heart unto yours is knit

I’ve been catching up on my Shakespeare! I was really looking forward to Joss Whedon’s Much Ado. The sign of a good production is when you learn something new about the play. This production, my eye may have been rather more captured by Leonarto, which initially had something to do with Clark Gregg also playing Agent Coulson, but which quickly had something to do with the role itself and how Gregg navigated the extremely tricky narrative as Hero is defamed and her father turns on her. In this production, the undercurrent of Hero’s wealth and inheritance struck me and Leonarto’s apparently cavalier disregard for his daughter once he thinks her virtue is gone is tempered by a suggestion that Leonarto is aware of the implications for their material status. This doesn’t excuse Leonarto, of course. It’s always going to be a tricky part of the narrative to make sense of in any contemporary setting. Yet he didn’t seem quite as bad as some contemporary Leonartos I’ve seen! The cast was good and Amy Acker made a wonderful, refined Beatrice, much like Emma Thompson did, although I still love most the messiness and exuberance of Catherine Tate’s Beatrice.

I also snaffled a DVD of the Globe production of Twelfth Night with Stephen Fry as Malvolio and… wow! I really did laugh out loud throughout the play! Perhaps Shakespeare really is best as it was originally intended to be performed? Oh, what a thought! I’ve seen a play at the Globe before – Henry V – and it was the most wondrous experience. The smell of the wood, the happy groundlings crowded in front of the stage, the actors stepping out into the middle of the theatre. This production was also all-male, as it would have been in Shakespeare’s day, and… wow! Mark Rylance’s Olivia??? The most amazing, mesmerizing performance! The way ‘she’ trundles across the stage is, alone, fantastic. Come on, have a peak! Twelfth Night was the second Shakespeare play I grew fascinated with. I loved enacting Hamlet on the lounge room furniture as a kid (mostly the sword fights!), but Twelfth Night I used to sneak off with in the school library, because they had a little leather bound edition that I could read instead of doing Math homework. And this Globe production? This is everything the play is meant to be!

Although, the shawl puddle didn’t grow VERY much during this time!

Healthy noodles!

Healthy noodles!

On another note, I picked up a cute gadget that can turn my zucchini into proper noodles! This is something ideal for gluten free cooks or people trying to cut carbs.  I roasted some tomatoes and fried some prosciutto, then added garlic and spring onions, finally the noodles and a little ricotta. So good! And healthy enough to justify orange cake for dessert!

Because, I’ve also recently discovered that I have a migraine trigger… it’s chocolate.

I know.


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