Sticks and Wheels

Tall Glass of Orange

Tall Glass of Orange

Who doesn’t love a little impulse yarn purchase? I couldn’t leave this one behind… it’s just so… orange! Bright, unapologetic, ‘I’m orange and I’m proud of being orange,’ orange.

Things are happening on knitting sticks, but I can’t make them public yet. They aren’t rude or NSFW. They’re just ninjas, hiding on my couch and jumping out to remind me I have deadlines!



The Scot got a new collar! He now goes ‘pow!’ ‘bam!’ ‘sock it to ’em’ around the house.

Xanadu your neon lights will shine

Xanadu your neon lights will shine

And I got new wheels! I’m a teenager again! Lately, some Lit. friends and I have been going to the local skating rink of an afternoon. We skate around in circles, talking about our lives with books and students and uni admin. The hire skates are horrid, though. The kids’ skates aren’t too bad, but the adult skates are battered, mismatched, and often have rusty nails poking out of awkward places. So we booked a morning and went out skate shopping! Everyone else has black skates… I have white skates with pink neon wheels!

Because I was a skating teen in the 80s and I’m proud of it!

Seriously, I loved skating in my teens. I went every Saturday and it was my favourite place in the whole world then. I was over the moon when I got my first speed skates – black with yellow stripes. I actually got pretty good on wheels. I held my breath for the ‘Speed Skate,’ usually to “My Sharona.” To this day I have an urge to go very fast when that music starts! Many of my crushes were played out on the rink, including the tall, skinny guy with the stormy grey eyes who was much too old for me, but had a great smile. There were also the guys who tried to show off for me and I hadn’t yet learned not to laugh when they fell on their bottoms! I was never as happy as when I was on wheels.

And rediscovering that feeling? Amazing! The rink manager kept asking if we wanted to join the roller derby club, but we’re happier just going in circles. I like to go backwards too. I claim it’s a metaphor for life as a Lit. scholar.

We’ve also been sharing our favourite skating videos, so I’ll share them here, too.

1) Of course, there’s always Xanadu. I so desperately wanted that poofy dress and her hair. I still do. Yes, I looked up 80s dress patterns on Etsy.

2) One of our little skating club shared Cliff Richard’s “Wired for Sound” with us and I swear you won’t be able to take your eyes off the lycra! Remember walkmans?

3) And perhaps my new favourite, Patrick Swayze in Skatetown USA. Trust me.

Of course, now there’s mostly small fry on the rink and the school holidays are horrendous. But on a good day, we strap on our skates and roll!

Now I’m just thinking about knitting leg warmers to match my skates…


5 responses to “Sticks and Wheels

  1. I never learnt to roller skate – although I wish I had. I would totes buy the white skates too. But with red wheels, clearly! And I always wanted to rock the Xanadu look too!
    Heeee, Wired for Sound made me giggle…

  2. I’m still giggling about Wired for Sound, but I totally love it all over again! Come down and I’ll take you skating. 😉

  3. Love the orange and the collar.

  4. some of my favourite childhood memories are my white boot skates with the red wheels. i skated everywhere, including to the shopping centre where i went too fast down the ramp and broke my wrist. but thats all part of the fun. that orange is VERY orange. what plans do you have for it?!

    • Still musing over plans for the orange… I’ll think of something! My friends now all have wrist guards for skating and frown at me, because I refuse. They’re just so uncomfortable! Yes, I’m a bad example.

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