Blue Skies and Sunday

A Study of a Shawl Puddle in Bluebells

A Study of a Shawl Puddle in Bluebells

There is still a shawl puddle. It has grown, but my current monogamous enthusiasm is waning just a bit, particularly as bright, shiny new options have presented themselves.

Reading Matter

Reading Matter

Why did I take photos of knitting books in front of the purple peas? Because the purple peas are gorgeous, silly.

I curled up with knit to flatter on Friday night, after a girls’-night-in drinking wine, eating crisps and sausage rolls, watching The Avengers (Hulk smash!) and being pillows for three eager terriers. I got home so exhausted, I took to bed with a cup of tea and a knitting book! I love the principles in knit to flatter. It doesn’t talk down to the reader and has a gentle humour about the whole ‘size issue’. I like the emphasis on shape – I’m a bottom heavy shape and that usually leads to sighs. Her description is wonderful and affirming and includes: “A collarbone to die for? A slimmer torso?… Your generous curves have been the epitome of female beauty to countless artists for centuries.” I know some people take issue with the way ‘curves’ are used to describe the female body, but in this case, I think it’s pretty apt. Her point that shape remains relatively consistent despite weight gain and loss is reassuring and the knitwear designs are gorgeous. I also love the models! They look great and flicking through the book, I realised that we really are hard on ourselves. When you see women of all different shapes modelling the knitwear, there’s not that sense of ‘oh, I should look like that in a sweater.” Every shape is interesting and attractive if presented well. If only more books and magazines were like this!

It also confirmed that I can knit Ginny’s sweater (the one on the cover) from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knitsknit to flatter teaches little mods that you can make for your shape and this might be my first experiment. Might. There’s a lot on my plate right now.

Random Chicken Photo

Random Chicken Photo

No, there isn’t any chicken on my plate! Although, I do have some pork belly in the oven.

To conclude this quick post, say hello to one of our most recent nocturnal visitors and the Scot’s new nemesis: the possum in the plum tree.

Nemesis of the Scot

Nemesis of the Scot


One response to “Blue Skies and Sunday

  1. hehe, i love the idea of the scot out there in the dark barking at the possum. hope your shawl puddle has grown this week, and that fit to flatter book sounds like something i need to study. closely.

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