Putting on the border

I'm still free!

I’m still free!

If you didn’t know, on the weekend, there was an election in Australia. It wasn’t a cheerful, hopeful election.

Still, I did go and vote and as I strolled back, I spotted two of the Scot’s friends down the end of the road, chatting to neighbours. I raced inside, grabbed the Scot’s lead, he skipped with excitement, and we trotted down the road to join everyone. Best idea I’ve had in a while! Three women with their three dogs then took off for a long walk to the park, where the Scot joined a game of football much to everyone’s actual delight (female footballers – they laughed and kicked the ball to the little guy, which makes these female footballers the best in my book). We were all then invited back for tea… now, I will add at this point, that one of us is a milliner (and it’s not me!). I’d been dying to get inside her house! So we had tea, I discovered that she has an antique pink range (which I love so much I have no words), and she showed me her hat blocks and hats and I thought ‘it is so cool to have tea at a milliner’s’. I was almost dead on my feet from delight.

That night, I studiously avoided election coverage. What to do? The Scot was already curled up asleep, having had a very exciting day. So, I slipped on my Firefly DVDs and put the border on my quilt.

“Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care, I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me.”

It just seemed apt! I was debating over the border colour, but Twitter urged the green and it does remind me of the green vines stencilled in the galley. So, we’re almost ready now for the actual quilting – which I’m having done, because I know someone in the business.

And the election results came out, but you know what? I had a great day, anyway!

And yes, I’m still in the middle of that shawl puddle.


3 responses to “Putting on the border

  1. I do like the green edge!

    I would so love a proper hat block, or three! Those lovely antique wooden ones. Oh well, a girl can dream!

  2. your quilt is beautiful, and it really is the only thing to do on a day like that (a week like this). repair to tea and hats and quilts. seriously, so cool to have a milliner in your street! love to the Scot xx

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