Shawl Puddle

Evenstar in progress

Evenstar in progress

Yes, I’m stuck in a shawl puddle. There’s really not much to show when you’re stuck in a shawl puddle. One day, the puddle will look like this. That will be after a rather intimidating blocking session, too. For now, though, shawl puddle.

I did get some bright, new, shiny Knitsch yarn to play with once I’m out of the shawl puddle.

A bunch of Knitsch

A bunch of Knitsch

Look at that colour! That will be a suitable reward for finally getting the shawl off the needles (well, aside from having the gorgeous shawl, of course). It just cheers me up to look at it.

I’ve been a little buried in writing, although I am still going to the gym. I am queen of the burpees! Eleven in 29 seconds! I still can’t believe I’ve become the person who brags about that.

I was reading quite a bit about body issues recently and it did give me pause for thought. I’ve never been thin. Once in school, I was called out of class along with some other students for a ‘fitness assessment’ by our PE teacher. Yes, she basically pulled the students she considered fat out of class to be put through a series of ‘tests.’ Well, I passed her tests and the following week, when we had a class with skipping ropes, I proceeded to happily outskip her top athlete!  I didn’t actually lack fitness – I was just bad at team sports and anything requiring speed. In fact, it was when reading Diana Wynne Jones’ novel, Dark Lord of Derkholm, that I had a light bulb moment. The griffin Lydda is frustrated by being plumper than her peers… until she realises that she was meant to fly long distances. I was often a bit plumper than my peers – still am at times! – I was also meant to go long distances! And so I did! Working out now, I’ve actually been able to draw upon my natural endurance. I don’t wimp out. I am getting faster, but by and large, I’m all about endurance.

We all have different bodies. We’re never all going to look the same and that has little to do with fitness, because we aren’t all fit in the same way either. I have very fit friends who can’t do some of the exercises I do and vice versa. With the rise of ready made clothing, which required a system of sizing, there was an attempt to classify bodies. As we know, it doesn’t work. Few can pick something off a rack that will fit perfectly. Don’t even start talking to me about jeans! Even patterns now come in sizes and it’s the one thing that gives me grey hairs when sewing.

I’m trying to learn how to adapt patterns, how to draft, because I just don’t conform to regular sizing (although Colette’s patterns are pretty safe for me!). Instead of thinking that I should fit that sizing, though, I’m starting to realise that I have to make clothes to fit me. It’s a different way of thinking and it’s something that you notice among the independent sewing and knitting sites. They have many more photos of people with all sorts of body shapes modelling their designs. There’s a better understanding that we don’t have to fit into sizes – we have to find styles and shapes that fit us and learn how to adjust patterns for fit.

I always find it interesting that at the gym, I’m asked if I’m noticing a ‘difference.’ I usually smile and say ‘yes! I’m not puffing when I run up the stairs!’ They always look a little surprised and pleased, probably because they expected that I’d say something about my size instead. I’m also happy that I can wear an old pair of jeans again, but I’m trying very hard not to make it all about losing weight. It’s just as much about being a little lighter on my feet. After a few years of pesky health issues, it’s nice to be able to walk at a quick clop down the street and dance up the stairs like I used to do. I realised how much I missed being quick and light on my feet. I may not have ever looked quick and light on my feet… but just ask those who competed against me with the skipping rope!


One response to “Shawl Puddle

  1. That is a gorgeous shawl, not to mention the reward yarn!

    I feel the same way about size and fitness. If I was to start exercising (which I really must) it would be about being fitter and living longer, not about loosing weight.

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