She’s up on Ravelry as a pattern: Janeway!

Coffee and some comfy socks and you can beat the Borg too. Here is a toe-up sock worked in a motif inspired by the Starfleet insignia used on combadges, with warp trails worked on the heel and cuff.

Fingers crossed, she will go well and not get lost in the Delta Quadrant or run into any Borg. Then again, I’m pretty sure she could handle it.

But for me, it’s been a long day and I’m about to go and curl up with Codex Born* for the night.

What I did today.

What I did today.

* A fantasy series by Jim C. Hines. It’s light, it’s about books and magic, the characters have a nice, not preachy diversity and it’s thoughtful, too. I’m enjoying it.



2 responses to “Janeway

  1. you really do read the most interesting things. i love the socks, and the refernce. im going to go add them to my queue now. yay you, pattern designer!

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