“Screw your courage to the knitting place”

Okay, the title of this post is not as rude as it might look! It’s Shakespeare! Apart from the reference to knitting. Which is a reference to Ravelry. Because I finally did it. I posted a pattern!

Oodles of Ood

Oodles of Ood

It’s here. I’m kind of nervous now that it’s out there in the wilds. I’ve read some scary things about what happens in designing. It’s become a funny thing, hasn’t it? People used to share patterns and ideas all the time, but now it’s all bound up in copyrights and permissions etc. I do really respect the rights of designers to earn a living for their work. Absolutely. It’s vital. And designers should be acknowledged. But much of our work is based on centuries of women copying, tweaking, revising, inventing, passing on and handing down. So, this is a freebie. Because I’m not a ‘designer.’ It’s just a little not-for-profit fun. But I designed something!!!

I’ve been working on a bigger work project, which has been kind of mentally exhausting, so I’ve also returned to the safety of following other people’s instructions!

For the Elizabethan bed chamber

For the Elizabethan bed chamber

After a lapse of years, the needlework is complete!

The Evenstar... why rush?

The Evenstar… why rush?

This is no where near complete yet… but I did pick up the Evenstar Shawl again and motored through a few rows last night.

I also did my first gym training session without the personal trainer. That was kind of scary. But she was right – I’m more advanced than I thought! And afterward the gym manager confirmed that I totally looked like I’d worked out!

So, one design out there and I’m back to writing words on my big research project. I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed and daunted in the last fortnight, but I’ve decided to take it a day at a time… that’ll work!



One response to ““Screw your courage to the knitting place”

  1. one day at a time is pretty much all we have. i know that feeling, looking down the barrel of everything you want to say, and how are you going to say it! but i know you will make something fabulous. just like your socks, so clever! im with you on the idea of ‘original’ design. people are getting a little precious i think. nothing really is original, its all how we interpret what’s gone before.

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