Why is everything I do so geeky?

I knitted a hat! In fact, I designed a hat.

Mr Spock Hat

Mr Spock Hat

I borrowed my Star Trek Insignia-inspired pattern from the Janeway Socks and with a little Renaissance Dyeing sock yarn in “Queen’s Blue,” I made a Mr Spock Hat. Because those pointy ears would need to be kept warm, correct? It’s only logical. It was kind of fun knitting something science-fiction inspired with a yarn dyed the old-fashioned way with indigo.

Insignia detail

Insignia detail

I’m really more inspired by old-school Star Trek, although have you seen this doggy video with Zachary Quinto? So the blue is closer to the reboot.

One of the reasons I love Firefly, too, is that it brings together a homemade feeling with space adventure. Remember the stenciled vines, the wooden table, the tin lamps in the galley? And Kaylee’s cabin door with the handpainted name plate and fairy lights? Or even how fresh food became something special again – a basket of apples or strawberries is amazing? So that informs my quilt-in-progress, which is doing very nicely, although we won’t mention how badly my points meet. Shhhh… it’s my first quilt. Perfection is overrated.

The Scot 'helping'

The Scot ‘helping’

The Scot likes to sneak into the lounge where I’ve got the blocks laid out.  He’s figured out how to nose open the sliding doors and he’s usually quite considerate about padding around the blocks to sit at my feet while I’m sewing. I made the mistake on the first night, though, of trying to sneak up on him to scoot him out into the hallway – he took off like a rocket and the blocks flew. Oops.

Meanwhile, Cosette is laying eggs again, so I’m thinking of making Eggs In Purgatory tonight. Trust me, one of my favourite recipes!


2 responses to “Why is everything I do so geeky?

  1. Awesome! What a fun idea!

  2. That hat is awesome… Spock would be proud! 🙂

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