While my fingers thaw

This morning, despite the layer of ice on the lawns, I went to my second spin class. Frankly, I’m still shocked. I mean, the photo below of the icy vegetable patch was taken after spin class. So, it really was cold out there and I still got up and went out to the gym! (Incidentally, I have totally forgotten what I planted… I have no idea what that seedling is.)

Seedling in Frost

Seedling in Frost

I have a gym I go to now. I always scoffed at gyms, possibly because I was already more than active enough. However, since the last surgery, I got my energy back and… started spin classes! Plus I’m seeing a personal trainer for the next couple of weeks just to work out a sensible plan. I’m a little worried about myself, to be honest.

At least, until I curl up in my favourite armchair on a Friday night with a hot chocolate. Isn’t this mug the best? And there’s just a little peak of a new idea I’m playing with.

Friday nights

Friday nights

The Scot also took to chilling out with my new headphones (bought because my ear buds kept falling out during spin class… these are much better!).

The Scot, just chillin'

The Scot, just chillin’

I have been a total spendthrift of late.

Yes, I have an Apple problem.

Yes, I have an Apple problem.

But this last purchase is work related, so that’s okay, right? And the pouch… I am so retro…

Okay, off to make my new favourite soup – pumpkin, tomato and chorizo. You can never go wrong with chorizo! And I promise more knitting updates soon and possibly a quilt update… I ran out of fabric for my triangles. And am now more than a little nervous about the triangles I ran up in the middle of the night while watching The Late Late Show. Hmmmm…


3 responses to “While my fingers thaw

  1. Oooh gym! What a good woman you are. I think about it sometimes…that’s as far as it gets, I’m afraid.

    Love that mug – very cool.

  2. brrrrr ice!! luckliy we never get that here. i LOOOOOVE the macbook cover, i have a boring brown one from officeworkds, can i coerce you to share your source?!

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