Warning: Post Includes Vegetables.

The one good thing about having surgery? You have a perfectly good excuse to do nothing for a few days! Okay, it wasn’t major surgery and it didn’t hurt too much, but having a kind neighbour bring feijoa crumble and spending the rest of the time watching MirandaThe Daily Show and Doctor Who was rather nice. Even better, by the end of it, the rest had done me a world of good. Even if I think I did drive the nurses nuts initially because I took so long to wake up from the anesthesia!

I’ve been up to things!

Highlander Plaid

Highlander Plaid

This is a very bad, late at night, unblocked shot, but this is the next of my plaid socks in Lime & Violet Shuanmi Sock that I bought a long time ago because… well, the colourway is “The Dread Pirate Violet.” Purple and a Princess Bride reference? It had to be stashed. I’ve dubbed this the Highlander Plaid, though, because it reminds me of purple tartan. It’s super easy, but I love the 3D look to the stitch pattern.

Last night I got back into quilting. I’m still working with my Firefly quilt, but I changed the design, because… okay, let’s be honest. I’m new to quilting and the bear claw blocks were doing my head in. This seems to be going rather better.

All you need is triangles

All you need is triangles

All that lying in bed made me crave quilting!

It’s been nice to get back to some proper cooking too. I came up with this quick and easy pasta.

Watercress & Chorizo Pasta

Watercress & Chorizo Pasta

For one, just chop up approx. half a chorizo sausage (the smaller the better), and fry up in a little olive oil. Add cooked pasta and stir in a couple of handfuls of fresh, roughly chopped watercress (not cress… watercress) and one chopped spring onion and cook just until wilted. Add a little more olive oil if too dry and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. All done. And it’s incredibly delicious. I can’t use watercress enough.

But I have discovered an odd problem in my fridge. It keeps filling up with vegetables. The other day I opened my fridge and the celery tried to attack me. Today I got very geeky and excited at the supermarket to discover two of my favourite vegetables are available again. I’m actually growing both, but they’re just seedlings at this stage.

The cool vegetables in the crisper

The cool vegetables in the crisper

Oh, and incidentally, if you want to do some reading, I can recommend As You Wish: The Loathly Lady. There’s a rather neat story about an old rescue dog and a 50 year old elf with a coffee addiction in it. 😉



One response to “Warning: Post Includes Vegetables.

  1. im glad to hear you did eventually wake up and are back home safely, knitting and quilting and writing up a storm. so cool that you are writing your own fairy tales! must be all the vegetables 🙂

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