A little plaid, a million paws…

Pretty In Plaid

Pretty In Plaid

Socks! Aren’t socks wonderful? Socks are everything you need.

Introducing the first in my Pretty In Plaid series of socks. These are the Clueless Plaid. I started playing with the slipped stitches in Barbara Walker’s treasuries. They’re brilliant for multi-coloured yarns and let’s face it, I have a lot of multi-coloured sock yarn in the stash. These stitches are great for showing it off without losing detail and they give a brilliant plaid effect that you wouldn’t get using a solid or semi-solid yarn. So it’s been an excuse to go stash diving and excavate yarns that no longer exist, yarns that I fell in love with years ago, yarns that have been petted and adored, but not used because they’re frankly too busy for most sock designs. Clueless Plaid is in Yarn Love’s Elizabeth Bennett (Early Crocus). The yarn is so so soft and pretty. The stitch is dead easy to remember, too, so it makes great travelling or serious tv watching knitting.

Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?

Do you prefer “fashion victim” or “ensembly challenged”?

I am slowly getting patterns written up etc. It’s a bit of a learning curve and I still have to get my brain around some of the ins and outs. It’s also a little intimidating. I love playing with stitches and yarn and coming up with designs, but at times I get a little frustrated with current expectations. I don’t want it to be a chore. Yes, I want to do a good job of it, but I am human and I’ll never make everyone happy. Plus, I really hate doing math.

But, there are socks piling up… not to mention that epic shawl…

The sock pile

The sock pile

So I’ve resolved to spend a little time each week working on finishing up designs.

Last weekend, though, I left the knitting at home and took the Scot to the Million Paws Walk.

Four of the million paws!

Four of the million paws!

This was our second year and we went with friends who live nearby. The Scot also raised some additional money for chew toys for those dogs still waiting for forever homes. (Incidentally, if you have a little change spare, All Westie Rescue could really use your help – they’ve been doing absolutely fantastic work with a group of wee abandoned girls, but the vet bills have added up.)

Lakeside break.

Lakeside break.

The route around Albert Park is a lot of walking for little legs! But we made it very proudly to the finish line.

Phew! There's the finish line!

Phew! There’s the finish line!

And then we shamelessly stole bits of our friend’s bacon sandwich while sitting and resting with our buddies, one of whom is also a scottie.

The Scot: "You never told me how good bacon is."

The Scot: “You never told me how good bacon is.”

Every time I go to the Million Paws Walk, I think how amazing it would be if the world were more about dogs and less about people.

Well, tomorrow I’m off for a date with a surgeon. Okay, not that kind of date… I treated myself to a new dressing gown and one of Holland Road Yarn Company‘s grab bags that includes surprise yarn. Frankly, I’ve been amazed at my ability to refrain from opening the brown parcel early! But they’ll be something nice to look forward to after all the hospital stuff.

A little care package for me!

A little care package for me!





3 responses to “A little plaid, a million paws…

  1. for someone who hates maths you do a really good job of designing very cool knitting things. those socks are great. im glad you had a good million paws walk, and the scot is really a most attractive young man. best wishes for the surgery and hope its all ok xx

  2. Oh, very behind on blog reading. Hope the surgery went well.

    The socks looks great! You are very clever!

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