In the pink!

Sale yarn doesn't count

Sale yarn doesn’t count

Ah, yes, there was a little stash enhancement. It was because Sokkusu is back. I celebrated. And you have to admit, that yellow is amazing!

There is also a little Malabrigo hiding there, because I had to order some new dpns and I just happened to spy the pretty Malabrigo as I headed to the cart… I may also have spied Puppy Snips. Do you know about HiyaHiya’s Puppy Snips? Just that week, I’d been cursing because I was out and about and needed to snip off some yarn and even the small sewing scissors are a bit cumbersome to carry about ‘just in case’. These are brilliant. And bonus? They look like a puppy!

Puppy snips with puppy for context

Puppy snips with puppy for context

The pink thing is definitely catching on, right? I finished one of my striped Knitsch socks. Now, a friend once reflected, “You don’t like anything plain, do you? You always have to add something… preferably an animal.” I bit my lip, looking at my linen shift dress that just happened to have a small squirrel embroidered on the hem. Because I thought it looked plain without a small squirrel embroidered on the hem.

This might explain why, in craving striped socks, this happened.

Put an ROUS on it

Put an ROUS on it

ROUS – Rodent of Unusual Size! The crenellation on one of the stripes reminded me of a castle, which reminded me of Haddon Hall, one of my favourite places in the world and the setting for The Princess Bride. So when I got to the toe…

Well, what can I say? This is who I am.

Still on the pink theme, although this might be more about purple, I have seedlings!

Future Radicchio

Future Radicchio

They will grow into two varieties of radicchio, which is something I foolishly adore. I started eating it in Italy and just can’t stop. But we have limited varieties, so I sought out ‘The Italian Gardener,’ which has a range of spectacular varieties. I’ve started this bunch out in egg cartons, which is actually working and gives me a way to use up the egg cartons. We won’t mention that I have a hen who is too busy moulting to lay eggs.




One response to “In the pink!

  1. Wow, that yellow is really YELLOW!

    I love the puppy snips too (but I wants kitty ones!)

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