Keeping Trekking!

I was never really a Trekker. I’d seen episodes of Star Trek. After all, I had friends who actually were quite nutty about Star Trek (as a consequence, I know rather more about Data than is warranted by my viewing history). I remember seeing the Star Trek film with the whales and laughing about ‘nuclear wessels’ with my friend afterward, when we went to get pizza. But that’s about all.

It caught me off-guard when I started watching Voyager and realised… I’ve become just a bit addicted. It’s all Janeway’s fault, of course.



All my heroines have been red heads. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Anne of Green Gables, Emma Peel… all red heads. Now Janeway.

She’s a ship’s captain. She likes coffee. She sounds a bit like Katherine Hepburn. She laughs. She gets frustrated and angry. She makes mistakes sometimes, but is more often even-handed and generous. She likes puppies.

I'd take puppies over roses any day.

I’d take puppies over roses any day.

In fact, Voyager won me over by featuring a range of intriguing female characters, including Seven and B’Elanna. And the cherry on top is that they have developed, interesting relationships with each other. Yay! (It’s the reason I’m also an avid viewer of Rizzoli and Isles.)

But have you ever noticed that while Doctor Who inspires craft to a frankly wicked degree, Star Trek knitting patterns, fabrics etc are rather… few and far between? Perhaps the shiny future world of star ships and pristine uniforms works against inspiration?

Nonetheless, as I was flipping through this book, a well known stitch pattern caught my eye and I had the sudden vision of how it could be adapted. So let me introduce “Janeway.”



“Janeway” is a neat pair of socks that can be slipped on while relaxing in one’s quarters or while drinking a cup of coffee before the day shift begins.

I had the perfect yarn, too. Sokkusu in Vintage.

Across the Delta Quadrant

Across the Delta Quadrant

The pattern evokes the Federation combadge. I have further plans for this particular stitch design!

Tip toeing through the Delta Quandrant

Tip toeing through the Delta Quandrant

The heel and cuff also feature mock cables – a sort of warp speed effect! Or so I like to think.

Needless to say, I had a little fun playing with the background fabric while taking photos.

Walking on stars

Walking on stars

Truth? The socks are a little big on me. I have rather average sized feet. If I knit them again for myself, I’d reduce the needle size. However, they are super comfy and squishy for padding about one’s ready room!

Oh, and I did lie a bit earlier. I did have a previous Star Trek obsession… tribbles. This recently resulted, too, in something altogether probably stranger…

Too many tribbles?

Too many tribbles?

Too much??? <Insert devil-may-care laugh> I bought the T-shirt from TeeFury and the moment I spotted it, I remembered the ‘tribble’ fabric from Spoonflower. (At this point, I’ll mention that I will not give in to this, even though it is brilliantly ridiculous.) And yes, that is another Meringue skirt from the Colette range.* I’m looking like a one-pattern wonder! So I’ve conspired with Mum that over Easter we’ll do some dress making. I think I need Mum around to face the prospect of bodices and sleeves and stuff. However, the other day, I dragged a colleague out to lunch and was kind of surprised when she remarked, after I confessed I’d made my skirt: “Do you go home and just sew up a new dress?” I’ve actually always wanted to be that woman. I’m close!


*I tweeted the outfit and got a giggle from @ColettePatterns, which made me ridiculously happy. I can be such a nerd… okay, yes, I see the irony of saying that after waffling for a whole blog post about Star Trek!


2 responses to “Keeping Trekking!

  1. daisybellcrafts

    ‘Tip toeing through the Delta Quandrant’ for some weird reason this very descriptive description made me belly laugh out loud just now 😀

    I like Data, and Worf, but loaaaaaaathe Cpt Kirk.


    Good thing the newer specarft don’t shake about so violently like the older ones did, or you might have needed to put some velcro on those Janeway socks..for better grip whilst the ship is battered. 😛

  2. daisybellcrafts

    *spacecraft even, I’m typing too fast*

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