Crazy Little Gnomes

I could have sworn Nick Cave sang a song about a crazy little gnome. It’s truly been bugging me.

You see, on the weekend, a certain someone came for a visit, so we could go to the Nick Cave concert. I wasn’t a huge Nick Cave fan. But I’d heard some of his material and decided that it might be fun to properly discover a new artist through their live performance. So I tagged along, basically!

Waiting... waiting...

Waiting… waiting…

Going to concerts these days involves a lot of waiting, though, doesn’t it? Still, awfully worth it! I have my favourites now like “Wide Lovely Eyes” and “The Ship Song,” but for the life of me, I can’t find the song where he was singing about a crazy little gnome. A girl gnome. Because I was standing there, eyes bright, really excited about a song about a girl gnome. Apparently, I was briefly whisked away to an alternative Nick Cave concert in which he has written a song about a crazy little gnome who hangs out at piano bars. Go figure.

The following day, we had a change of pace. I took Shelley along to Hopetoun Tea Rooms, which I love. This is a tiny little tea room, packed with tables and chairs and white linen. You line up outside to wait for a free table. It’s totally worth it.

Crab salad

Crab salad

We did try the previous day, but they’d already run out of their Pavlova. And their Pavlova is really worth the visit.

Best pavlova ever

Best Pavlova ever

The Hopetoun Tea Rooms remind me of the visits to the Shingle Inn in Brisbane, which, to my utter devastation, aren’t possible anymore. You see, they redeveloped the site of the original Shingle Inn. They’d promised to replace it as it was. They never did. The new incarnation absolutely isn’t the same. It’s a franchise to boot. The Shingle Inn was about place and history. There’s a  glimpse of its former self on this site. You’d be taken there as a little girl to drink tea or milk coffee from silver pots, or mint julep spiders (obviously without alchohol!) and to eat cream teas or coronation chicken. You’d go later as a special treat. The waitresses all wore floral dresses and little caps. The booths were glossy wood. It was amazing. I really miss it. So, Melbourne, never lose the Hopetoun Tea Rooms!

Back at home, I was developing quite the little table decoration.

Who needs a floral table decoration?

Who needs a floral table decoration?

I had one of those weeks that requires yarn margaritas… hence the Vintage Purls! And Shelley, bless her, brought me an early birthday present of Knitsch! I am busy knitting away… all manner of stuff that I can’t show you yet. Hmmm…


3 responses to “Crazy Little Gnomes

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  2. oh my goodness that pavlova!! mmmm. im so glad you guys got to catch up and have a great time. nick cave and gnome song….intriguing.

  3. Nick Cave live! That would be so cool.

    The Tea Rooms sound wonderful. I love high tea.

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