Doctor Who inspired crafting… again.

The Scot's Doctor is, of course, Ten

The Scot’s Doctor is, of course, Ten

I whipped up another little harness for the Scot. He doesn’t know it, but he’s totally in cosplay mode. In fact, I think he does a pretty reasonable impression of the Tenth Doctor.

10th doctor

Now, watch the eyebrow…

The Scot's eyebrow acting

The Scot’s eyebrow acting

Yes? Just ignore the weed… he would insist on doing his best impression right where it’s most noticeable that most of the grass has died off from the heat, but the weeds apparently don’t care.

Shortly afterward, the Scot went off in pursuit of a local cat nun.

In search of cats.

You never know what might be hiding in the bushes. Daleks, cat nuns, flying sharks…

While the Scot was playing, I tried on my new socks, “Beatrice and the Little Blue Box”, knit from Knitsch’s “Beatrice” colourway. There’s a lot of happy memories in these socks. As you know, for the last couple of years, I’ve headed off to Italy to teach in the summer (not this year as I’m on research leave), and I’ve made little side trips. The first side trip coincided with Catherine Tate and David Tennant starring in Much Ado About Nothing, one of my favourite plays. It was the perfect serendipity! And a whole lot of fun. So when I see “Beatrice,” I think of Catherine Tate’s Beatrice. She was a brilliant Beatrice – down to earth, heart breaking and funny.

Much Ado

Much Ado

The following year, I had “Beatrice” in yarn form, so I took her to The Globe with me, because that seemed particularly apt. We saw Henry V. She thought Henry was hot.

Beatrice at the Globe

Beatrice at the Globe

She enjoyed herself terribly. I’ve reknitted her a bit since then, because I hit upon a way to get TARDIS’s involved, and you know what I’m like once I figure out a way to knit a TARDIS into anything.

Putting my feet up with "Beatrice and the Little Blue Box"

Putting my feet up with “Beatrice and the Little Blue Box”

They’re kind of colourful, nutty and ‘outspoken’ and I rather love them (they won’t be to everyone’s taste, but that’s okay). They remind me of Donna/Beatrice. I love the line in “Partners in Crime” where Donna tells her grandfather: “No. I mean it. If you ever see a little blue box fly up there in the sky, you shout for me Gramps. Oh you just shout.” There’s such hope, joy and determination in that line! Can you tell Donna is my favourite companion/Time Lord?

Can’t see the TARDISes, though? Here you go.

TARDIS close-up

TARDIS close-up

There’s whole columns of them! And they have little lights on top. I also used my current favourite heel.

The heel shot

The heel shot

I loved the way the fabric at the heel mottled.

So, there you go, another weekend of Doctor Who inspired crafting.


3 responses to “Doctor Who inspired crafting… again.

  1. hahaha, that eyebrow lift is hilarious. the 10th and Donna are my faves too. your ability to work tardises into knitted things is going to become the stuff of legend!

  2. LOl. That is hilarious. He did a great impersonation with that raised eyebrow.

  3. The Scot IS the Doctor!

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