My Friday Night Rocked

Last night, I decided to just have fun. Crafty fun. I was motivated by nothing but whim.

As Bobby Singer would say...

As Bobby Singer would say…

I first made knitted balls (pattern here). They have no other purpose than to delight. I was craving the soft, citrus colours. Or maybe I was just craving key lime pie? Either way, they make me smile. The Scot is less sure about them.

I made sweet potato gnocchi while I was doing this. Then I roasted them, as Nigella Lawson suggests. Well, she roasts potato gnocchi, but the principle stands.

Sunset gnocchi

Sunset gnocchi

Don’t they look like the orange you sometimes see in sunsets? I always forget how quick and easy gnocchi really is to make. It seems such an obvious dish when you can’t eat gluten – although most shop bought gnocchi for some reason has to include wheat flour. I whipped these up with just polenta and corn flour mixed in.

After supper, I sifted through my fabric scraps and plotted.

Modelling the new coat

Modelling the new coat

Yes, I’m that person. I made my dog a new coat harness! My dog is better dressed on walks than I am (I’m usually in sweats and geeky T-shirts). I will point out, though, that all his gear is practical. He definitely prefers walking in a harness, but I personally don’t like the nylon ones. A coat just looks more comfortable on him.

Recognise the fabric, though? It’s from my Doctor Who skirt! Incidentally, I wore my Doctor Who skirt to see Neil Gaiman when he was in town recently. It seemed apt. As we all left the theatre, I felt someone tap my shoulder: “Can I just say? That’s the most awesome skirt I’ve ever seen?” Yes, you can say that. It does my ego no small amount of good!



I naturally chose to feature K-9 on the Scot’s coat. This involved some clever cutting, since I only had so much fabric left. But I also managed to ensure that my dog always has a sonic screwdriver to paw (you might have to squint – it runs down the middle of his back).

Meet my dog. He can sonic anything.

Meet my dog. He can sonic anything.

The harness is actually great on him. The fabric is good and sturdy, so when he wants to go one way and I want to go another, the fabric doesn’t bunch up.

The other day, I was reading an article about how more people weren’t having kids. In the comments, someone wrote that he supposed these people were wasting their money on pets. “Seriously?” I thought, justifiably outraged. Yes, I get a kick out of dressing my dog well when it comes to collars, leads and harnesses. I know he doesn’t really care. Although… being such a dapper little guy, he gets more compliments and if you know the Scot, you know he loves compliments. This afternoon as we were on our rambles, someone behind us said “oh, what a gorgeous dog!” The Scot turned around and posed. So, although he probably doesn’t think twice about his collars and harnesses, he does enjoy being admired. Anyway, how can you “waste” money on a pet? At least, any more than you can waste money on anything, including children?

All too often, people offer the opinion that pets are a substitute for children. They aren’t. Pets aren’t the same as children. There are similarities, sure, but that’s all. I know a lot of people with families who are every bit as nutty about their pets as I am about the Scot and Cosette. And it’d be silly to engage in all that ‘do you love your child more than your dog’ nonsense. Can you ever really qualify or measure the love you have for children and dogs? Why would you even worry about it?

Oh well. Did you see the video starring Zachary Quinto about adopting a dog? It’s adorable. I’ve already watched it four times.


2 responses to “My Friday Night Rocked

  1. Your model is fabulous.

  2. People can be Very Stupid sometimes.

    I love the Scot’s new waistcoat. Very dapper!

    And also, BALLS!

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