Little Things

It’s been a little quiet of late. There’s been a lot of work stuff going on, so I’ve only had time for a bit of sock doodling while juggling the books.



That’s doodling in Knitsch “Beatrice.” I just love the pop of pink in the yarn. And then, because I need something mindless to knit on trains and buses, I wound up some Yarn Love in “Orchid” that I had buried in my stash and came across a nice, simple stitch pattern that works with it.

"I totally paused" plaid

“I totally paused” plaid

I was also making jelly. This is my trial with a ‘new’ Victorian copper mould – blackberry on top, advocaat blancmange on the bottom.

Anyone for Victorian jelly?

Anyone for Victorian jelly?

Things have been coming in the mail too…

Things postmen bring

Things postmen bring

I have plans!

Speaking of which, I have wheels now! Two wheels!



Catch is, I never learned to ride a bicycle as a kid. Still, the saying is ‘it’s like riding a bike,’ so how hard can it be???

(We won’t mention how often I stumbled just wheeling ‘Leonie’ – yes, I named by bike after my favourite fictional character from These Old Shades – home.)


2 responses to “Little Things

  1. The jelly looks amazing – and what a beautiful mould!

  2. I love that you bought a bike even though you can’t ride it (yet!).

    The lace book looks amazing.

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