Bags! Glorious Bags!

This Christmas, a lot of people are getting project bags. So I can’t show you all of them.

But as every maker knows, when you get enthusiastic about a new skill, you tend to wield that skill without remorse and that inevitably involves family and friends being on the receiving end at Christmas. This is a good thing. (Really, can we get over all the jokes about receiving horrible handmade items? Yes, sometimes they are horrible. Sometimes they aren’t to our taste. Sometimes the execution is wonky. But can I just say? I’ve received more bought presents that are horrible and badly made than handmade presents and at least with the handmade, I know that time and effort went into it so even if it’s not my thing, I feel the person really liked me enough and trusted me enough to share their skill with me! Get over it – if someone gives you handmade, they’re putting themselves into the present. Be gracious. Those imperfections? Those are reminders of the person who gave you the present. Suck it up and be happy!)

Okay, long digression over…

Although, speaking of imperfections… notice a problem here?

It's okay, we're doing yoga - we meant to be on our heads.

It’s okay, we’re doing yoga – we meant to be on our heads.

I was trying out draw string bags. I didn’t quite think through pattern placement. This little bag went off to Mum with the note “yep, first one… enjoy the mistakes!” I didn’t make it a proper present, but she was delighted. “They’re only upside down if you look at the bag the wrong way,” she joked. I made a couple more for friends. The stitching isn’t always perfect – I took my time, but I’m still learning Mrs Higgins’ ways – but the choice of fabric and design was undertaken with care and I have fingers crossed they don’t burst their seams or anything else embarrassing.

The drawstring is actually the second type of bag I’ve tried. I earlier shared this effort:

Mrs Higgins rocks

Mrs Higgins rocks

I think it’s called a ‘grab bag’ and I really love it for sock knitting – it’s just the right size and I actually prefer looping the handles through each other to the drawstring. But for some prints, it just doesn’t work as well.

However, I was completely excited to try out box bags, because there’s zips! I’m still getting the hang of the box bag. I can reveal these attempts, because one recipient already opened hers and the other is Mum, who won’t be checking my blog before Christmas (she’s under orders).

firefly inside

There’s a universe in there!

Yes, Spoonflower just takes my money. But it’s oh so worth it!

Hmmm... crinkled, but you get the idea.

Hmmm… crinkled, but you get the idea.

That’s the text of Pride and Prejudice on the bag! It’s a brilliant fabric print. Although… yes, she wound up on her head. I notice a trend there.

Pinker on the inside

Pinker on the inside

I love the box bags for the hidden lining possibilities. I plan to play more over my break!

Finally, Christmas is very near, so I’ll share a very very shocking photo that absolutely appalled several friends.

If I'm really really quiet, she'll go away and I can eat these wretched antlers

If I’m really really quiet, she’ll go away and I can eat these wretched antlers

Don’t worry – no Scot was hurt in the making of these pictures and, in fact, the antlers stayed on less than a minute at a time! He just rolls his eyes at me and headbutts me till the antlers come off!


3 responses to “Bags! Glorious Bags!

  1. I so love my box bag. It is awesome. And bigger on the inside.

  2. project bags are great projects! these are all gorgeous, im experimenting too with designs and linings, i think i love the grab bags too. and yes we do do yoga on our heads, so you totally got that one right! and i HATE the disdain for hand made. some people are such snobs. its all handmade somewhere, what do they think they have in china where they put labels on things, robots??!

  3. I am glad I don’t look at Spoonflower (much). Such good fabrics! I love a fancy lining in a project bag. It’s one of my favourite kinds of whimsy!

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