A yarn by any other name would squish as sweet

Do you buy yarn because you like the colours? Because the fibre mix is just right? Or because you really, really like the name of the colourway?

Would this yarn smell as sweet?

A yarn that quotes is a good yarn

I admit it. I purchased two lots of Indigo Dragonfly sock yarn with which to feed the stash simply because I was having a run of bad days and felt the only possible cure was a dose of “People are particularly stupid today. I cannot speak to any more of them.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour, but the name of the yarn? Perfect. It’s a quote from The Gilmore Girls, yes, but in yarn form it’s even better! You can squish and hold it in yarn form. You can knit up a pair of socks to wear on those days when you want to say “people are particularly stupid,” but good manners get in the way.

And another dose of sock yarn went on the order, because, well, I was putting in an order anyway. That’s valid, right? And it’s Kaylee talking about cheese. Again, pretty colours. But Kaylee. From Firefly. Talking about cheese.

I often buy yarn because of the name. This is an awful weakness, particularly when people name yarn after characters and events in Doctor Who. But it makes me happy as I knit. The name gives the yarn a story to tell.

Speaking of names, last post I shared a little of my own investigations into family history and the names my ancestors carried. After that post, I found on my family tree… Pigs!!! Mum was appalled. “How embarrassing!” she remarked. “But Pigs, Mum, we’re descended from Pigs!” I cheerfully continued. Sarah Pig is my great great great great great great grandmother. I know that she lived in a little village. I know that most of the family worked on farms.

Since I always dreamed of marrying a pig farmer, rather like the one below, it felt just right.

Willy Guthrie, "The Vacillations of Poppy Carew"

Willy Guthrie, “The Vacillations of Poppy Carew”


One response to “A yarn by any other name would squish as sweet

  1. i never knew there was quote yarn, and i want some! i love that gilmore girls quote. its the saying of the week isnt it?! (must be the apocalypse). your family history is really proving most intriguing!

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