So, a very geeky quilt might be happening…

“Someone ever tries to quilt you, you try to quilt ’em right back!” Cap’n Tightpants

Yes, it might actually happen at last! I might… quilt! I have for years been toying with the idea. Patchwork quilts have always given me warm, fuzzy thoughts. But thanks to Spoonflower, I’ve gotten ideas way over my head!

I’m planning to start with a Firefly quilt (trust me, I’m buying up all the Doctor Who fabric, but that’s a bigger, scarier project). I’ve been consulting with the quilters I know and they think I can manage a bear paw quilt, which is my favourite of the traditional designs and the one I’ve been eager to try. I’m planning the quilt to look very autumnal and almost traditional… apart from the Firefly notes. Likewise, Firefly has frontier vibe, so I think this quilt works for it. Wish me luck!

Although, first I have to finish off Christmas present projects… hmmm… and I did get slightly distracted today by these cute Tula Pink Volkswagen pillows. Free pattern too! I might have to make them as well. A red one… because, you know… this.

I’ve also finished my ‘Thief!’ socks. The pattern is going off to my very overworked test knitter. I was having a little fun with the photography. Remember, this is the sock that wears bow ties!

Bow ties are cool in space

I’ll do a proper post soon. It’s Mum’s favourite of my designing attempts. I think she’s mostly a fan of the Knitsch yarn though!

And because I haven’t included them in a little while, here are Cosette and Gigi.

“I’ll meet you in the produce aisle.”

The photo made me smile because it looks like they’re grocery shopping among the vegetable beds (forgive the dirtiness of the beds – when I water, a certain Scot tries to catch the hose and everything gets muddy). The vegetable patch is filling me with delight. There’s purple cabbages, peas flowering, I’ve been enjoying a good broad bean crop, and the tomatoes are coming on. I may have even coaxed into survival one or two spaghetti squash plants. We’ll see!






4 responses to “So, a very geeky quilt might be happening…

  1. The hens look like two ladies out for lunch!

  2. Ha! A quilt! A firefly quilt! Love it!

  3. I’m having serious fabric and garden bed envy. I can’t even look at spoonflower lest I too fall into the quilt abyss. Love the idea of a firefly one tho!! And what sort of beds are those, I’m contemplating my garden options…

    • We got the beds from Bunnings early this year. No idea if they still have them, but they’re great! Weeding is much easier and keeping everything tidy isn’t back breaking. Sadly, I am already lost to Spoonflower…

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