The Little Things

The last week or so has been a little… horrifying. Lots of numbers, spreadsheets, paperwork. Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through.

Like a visit from your knitting friends, DrK and RoseRed. We all trooped to Fitzroy. DrK writes about it here – and she really isn’t kidding about the hipsters. It was a good day and I hope they will be popping back soon! I spent my pocket money for the day at The Fabric Store.


I know. Put a bow on it and I’m bound to walk around the store hugging the fabric roll until someone sensibly tells me to just go and purchase a couple of meters already.

I spent the last couple of days quickly whipping up an impending baby present. You can’t really go by Saartje’s Bootees, can you? They make sense in Australia. It’s not precisely cold enough for all the cute, snuggly bootees.

Bootees and pansies

And, on a day in which the builders next door shouted out ‘is the house on fire?’, it was nice to take a quick coffee break with Jack.

Coffee break with Jack O’Neill

A certain someone brought to my attention that the Loopy Ewe now stocks Woolen Mill St. Yarns too. I think that means any consequent purchases aren’t my fault…


2 responses to “The Little Things

  1. It was so good to meet you, not to mention enable a fabric purchase!

  2. You cannot blame me for subsequent purchases. And that fabric is very, very purdy!

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