The Light at the End of a Big WIP

One panel to go! I’ve just been charting it out today and I think it’ll be brilliant.

Cosette checks on progress

See how big the shawl has grown? Yet there is a certain satisfaction as you settle into your chair with shawl trailing all about you.

From the garden today, my first crop of broad beans.

Garden fresh

This will be for one of my favourite suppers. A little chorizo chopped and fried in the pan. A tin of cherry tomatoes, fresh broad beans and a sprinkle of spring onion all added into the pan. Toss in some pasta and a sprinkle of parmesan. Bliss.

Speaking of which, time to start frying up the chorizo.


2 responses to “The Light at the End of a Big WIP

  1. mmm chorizo. that sounds like a great recipe, and i cant believe youre actually charting something as you knit it. so clever you are!

  2. I was about to type the exact same thing as your first commenter. Mmmm, chorizo!! The shawl is looking good. It’s gratifying to get to the end of a large project.

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