Wicked bad colds

Those “super-heated infusions of free-radicals and tannin” aren’t quite doing their thing and I still have a cold. Maybe I should have used these to make the tea?

The Scot has decided that colds are no reason to disrupt his routine.

“Do I have grass in my beard?”

I guess the fresh air has done me some good?

I’ve been knitting away at ‘The Doctor’s Wife Sampler Shawl’ in spare moments, but last night I had a brainwave and wound up some Knitsch in ‘Idris’ to do some sock doodling. I think the design might work…

A little sock doodling in Knitsch yarn

There’s a certain satisfaction with making something new. Just read this blog post by Wil Wheaton, “Get Excited and Make Things!” I love what he says about making things today and how the new business models we have allow us to actually make things for people – to sell our creative work – without needing huge investments of time and money. Sure, we won’t make a lot – often we’ll make very little – but we can put our things out there. That’s pretty exciting!



One response to “Wicked bad colds

  1. making things is really making me feel a lot better about life in general at the moment. its hard to explain that to non-makers. SUCH a bitch about that cold though, i think this is about the worse time of year to have one. more knitting required.

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