A Quiet Night

I was trying to revise an article I’m working on, but I’ve got all the symptoms of a cold coming on, so maybe I’ll just take the Scot’s advice?

Good Advice

I’ve already medicated myself with spicy pork balls on creamy polenta. Spice is good for colds.

Spicy pork balls from ‘The Meatball Shop Cookbook’

They’re from The Meatball Shop Cookbook which amuses me on so many levels, not least of all, the ‘there’s a meatball called Grandma’s Balls?’ level. The veggie balls are also rather delicious.

So, since I revised at least a page or two of text, I think I’ll pick up ‘The Doctor’s Wife Sampler Shawl’ tonight and see how that fifth panel works out (there’ll be six panels – I’m nearly there!)


3 responses to “A Quiet Night

  1. BALLS! GRANDMA’S BALLS! Love it! (Also, that looks so good!). Looking forward to seeing the completion of the shawl!

  2. Ooh Spicy balls! What a great idea. Hope the cold eases off, and I bet the paper is great đŸ™‚

  3. How can anyone resist that face?

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